Monday, November 1, 2010

stop stalking me mom!

Because he is sooo cute in his big boy chair! Whit is 2 months going on 30. At 2 months Whit is:

Babbling / Cooing a little bit.

Eating 6 times a day usually 5 oz sometimes 6 oz (BIG BOY).

Whit is a shrimp when it comes to height but, makes up for it with his weight!

Sleeping thru the night if in a strait jacket blanket!

Whit loves looking around and sitting like a big boy.

Prefers to be held outward to not miss a second of anything or anyone!

Cries only when hungry or wet.

Love bouncy seat, bumbo, and boppy.

Any song with a duck in it is a greatest hit!

Whit can grasp his passie or hold a rattle for second maybe two.

Looks great in any type of footie jammie (just saying)!

Shark Attack

Whit celebrated Halloween as a shark! I was a good mother and stuffed my son into a fleece costume in 70 degree weather. Whit may have a mild heat rash but, I have priceless memories! Here are some pics of Whit dressed up before having a literal melt down.

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