Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diet U2

Rock minus Roll
Whit got a bunch of Rockabye Baby CD's from Santa. Santa thought it would be nice to have some tunes that didn't sound like a monster, mouse, or fairy singing. Our first listen was to U2 Rockabye Baby. The CD is basically a combo of jug band / wind chime noises that sound like U2's greatest hits. I guess I expected Peter, Paul, and Mary singing Bloody Sunday not West Virginia Grandpa blowing into a Miller Lite bottle. None the less, the CD is cute and I think Whit enjoys "rocking out"!

Whitter getting ready for work

Guess he doesn't stress about getting ready?
Whit did not go to his babysitter, Miss Jean, today. Instead he is going to work with Daddy. I am sure buddy is excited to take in the locker room atmosphere at Daddy's work! Who doesn't like Sports Nation and RMC basketball? Before his long day at the office he got some QT with his main monster Cookie! Why can't my mornings involve a play mat and Cookie?

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Momtastic Ride

Cami the Camry RIP.
Whit's wheels.

Since Whit made his appearance in August we have been cramming into my good 'ol Toyota Camry. Cami (Camry) has been a friend since 1999! She rocked out in college, drove me to my first job, moved to Richmond, and welcomed a son. Sadly, she is no longer a member of the Kilcoyne family. She was laid to rest this past week when we bought a family car.

Does family car = mini van? I think not! I don't think I am a mini van mom (yet). Chris and I checked out some baby sized SUV. We decided on a nice white Chevy Equinox. I officially feel like a Mom! The birth of my child did not make me feel momtastic but, the purchase of a family car enduced the reality that I am someones mother! Watch out cause the carpool line is only a few short years away!

Santa v. Grandma

C is for Cookie or Cute?

We love and miss you Kilcoynes!

Me want cookie!

Hanging his first stocking

Merry Christmas 2010!

Both Chris and I tried to quell our mothers excitement over Whit's first Christmas. We kindly asked them both to limit their time in Santa's workshop. Our mothers decided to instead follow Grandma Code and completely ignored what we asked! UPS from Team Kilcoyne and Gigi's Ford Sleigh rolled into town. We are completely full of baby presents!

Whit had a wonderful 1st Christmas. My parents were down for Christmas Day and the Kilcoynes will follow for New Year.

How do you spell Victory?

Brady Baby!
Am I that big?

Daddy and Whit

We took Whit up to New England for Turkey Day. Chris is trying to teach him that the two best things about Thanksgiving are Football and Food! Because of this mantra we felt it necessary to take little man to Patriot Place. The Patriots have their very own museum. I say tourist trap. Hubby says better than the Smithsonian! Whit seemed to enjoy the "history" of it all! Here are some pictures of Whit (daddy) in his glory!


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