Friday, February 25, 2011

Tramps like us

What exit?
Every day when I drive home from work I scan the XM stations. I always pause on Bruce Springsteen radio. My hope is Born to Run will be on and I can crank it. 9 out of 10 times the song isn’t on but, I live for the 1 instance. For some odd reason I can picture my life in the lines. I see growin up in Ocean City, driving to college,Chris and I dating, getting married, having Whit, Whit’s first steps to graduation to his wedding. The lyrics don’t necessarily reflect these milestones but, I can literally hear and vision my life. There is never any bad but, just sweetness. I don’t think about sleepless nights, budgets, or a dirty house. For few minutes I embrace a wonderful poetic snap shot of my husband and son. I guess the song is my own personal love letter.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peg leg and bushy brows

"Mommy, I like your Jeans!"
Tweezers meet Jenn

Relax fit...ultra slimming!

Mom Jeans Theory : Once child is popped from womb style goes to the shitter.

I can’t say I’ve embraced the peg leg classic fit Lee’s just yet but, I do admit to becoming a bit lax in the maintenance department. My eyebrows look like Brooke Shields circa 1986. My hair was last cut 2 months ago. Shaving, let’s not even cross that bridge folks! Cause of this sudden impairment = WPK. I love the focker but, my eyebrows also like a nice little Asian lady! Can I find balance?

Some Botox in my life...

It smells like basement and sounds like Nelly!

Aren't our shirts fabu?

When did we all become old? I want to know the moment it happened. Just to clarify, I’m not talking rocking chair on a front porch old but, I have a mortgage / family car old! Our lives went from St. Elmo’s to The Big Chill in the blink of an eye. Rob Lowe; can you hear me? Suddenly there are well baby visits, aging parents, job stress, bills, a house, etc and so on. Sometimes I wish I could blink and be knees deep in stale basement beer, spiking a Sonic drink, or singing stupid sorority songs. Instead we are life improving, soul searching, or just trying to manage.

To the ladies who are maturing with me, I dedicate this post to you. We’ve seen a lot and continue to go through the trenches. I’ve opted to put the “big girl pants” on hold for a few hours. I’ll look at my photo albums and probably send you some sappy stupid text! Gals I love you everyday but, today feels extra special.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are you my mother?

Notice the chicken fried bangs and handsome baby...
I look good but, where's my kid?

I have so many shots of Whit, Whit and Chris, Whit and the cats, so on etc! Sometimes in the midst of making dinner or watching Sprout I make Chris whip out the camera and start snapping. Given my face is undone, my hair is a hot mess but, there are pictures to prove I exist! See Whit I actually held you and was around. Not just behind the camera screaming at you to roll over or smile!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I want it, gotta have it, and I hate it!

Things I did not need to have a baby
*can you tell I am making a Goodwill pile as we speak??

A bathtub: Whit can barely float let alone sit. The tub and sink are just fine.

A system car seat / stroller: They are similar to a trapper keeper! They look great but just buy the notebook! Practical idea but, a big ass waste.

Newborn clothes: My kid came out ready to eat solids. Nough said!

Swaddle blankets: Meatball barely fit. We needed the beefy xxxl size of swaddle blankets.

Coats.: Have you ever tried to get a newborn in a coat? It is a legal act of torture in Singapore.

Bottle warmer: Whit takes it on the rocks with a twist of Mylicon!

Super sized momzilla undies: Really??? My normal VS's worked just fine !

Things I could not live without

Gas drops: I would bathe in them! They make my life and, more importantly, Whit’s life better.

Swaddle torture velcro blankets / Summer Infant: Whit could not break free and they come in extra large sizes for the hefty baby.

Bouncy seat: A rockin butt means a busy mom. I can actually use both of my hands and get a moment of peace.

Car seat cover: Prevents need for coat(see above).

Footie PJ’s: Have you ever seen anything sweeter? Love them. Will sob with beefcake grows out!
Earth's Best: I am not too hippie crunchy but, I do like organic food. Whit seems to enjoy each 1st food. Saves me the time/effort of being baby food Betty Crocker!
BornFree: This is the greatest company ever. They found passies when no stores had stock and even sent me a free bottle when one broke. Holy, customer service!

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