Friday, April 29, 2011

Wills can you see my eye bags?

Why don't Americans wear hats? Just sayin cause they are super fabulous!

All you reading this can probably see the gigantic bags under my eyes. It looks like I got sucker punched! Welp, I woke up at 4 AM had myself a scone, more like 2, and started watching the Royals. Lord Whit Patrick and HRH Christopher joined an hour later. Bottles all around!! The gals I work with were total dolls and supported my crazy need for pomp and circumstance. Check out my wardrobe today. Looks more like Four Weddings and a Funeral (can we tell which I attended) but, it was my most POSH LBD. Cheers for the newlyweds and 3 cheers for hitting my bed early!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Union Jack

My teapot is boiling over with excitement! Break out the scones and funny hats because tomorrow is the BIG day. Wills and Kate (cause they are my besties) are finally tying the knot. Call me Lady Kilcoyne because I'll be front row center i.e. ass parked on sofa city. Despite my lack luster viewing spot I'm still pumped. Below is my microwave lemon curd recipe. Yummo with scones!

Lemon Curd

1 C sugar

3 Eggs

1 C lemon juice (fresh or fresh from the bottle)

3 zested lemons

1/2 C butter

Pinch of Salt

Stir together. Microwave for about 1 to 2 minutes. Break to stir. Done when it coast a spoon. Consistency is a cross between Jello and a Egg white!

Happy Scone dippin' and tea sippin'!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Smell the Flowers

The Good

Roses to no headaches for Chris this week. Meds hopefully have done their job.

Roses to not buying lunch this week! I managed to make my own Lean Cuisines and eat all week.
Roses to having awesome pictures of Whit. He was a champ at his portrait session. I'll post some shots soon!

Roses for my parents driving down from NJ. Mama needs a sleep break.

Roses for chocolate covered peeps. It taste like a Cadburry Egg and Peep had a baby. Loves!


Thorns because baby boy is still waking up in the middle of the night. I suck at cry it out and would love a magic wand or something.

Thorns to my paycheck magically disappearing. I miss you money. Please come back.

Thorns for gas prices. Seriously, see above!!

Looking forward to a wonderful Easter weekend.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer lovin

Cravings at the moment....

Can we say wishing and hoping? Mama wants some stuff! I may break down and actually treat myself to a shellac mani. My hands look like they need a senior center! Blame bottle washing or endless diaper changing for the lack of life in my digits! Anyone else craving some summer loot?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Moobs and Sweet Tea

Happy naked Friday! Look at my armpit rolls!

Major props to McDonalds $1 Sweet Tea. You complete me daily. Without I would cease to function. Is it sad that the McDonalds lady knows my name, order, and car?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

every rose has a thorn

Sorry to be so blah in my last post. I think I just needed to let out a good helping of verbal crap! Things are going much better at Club Kilcoyne.

A friend of mine list out her Roses and Thorns of the week. Kinda like the good v. the ugly. Thought it might by cool to try.

Sunshine fabulousness

Rose: Biscoff Spread! Tasty deliciousness gifted by co-worker in hour of need. Spread is so yummy and taste like a peanut butter gingerbread man. I'm in love

Rose: Broke down and bought the baby Rolls Royce of umbrella strollers. I heart my new Maclaren. Whit loves the freedom of being able to access / snack on his feet at will.

Rose: Whit feeding himself yogurt bites and crawling backwards. I did the mom happy dance for both events.

Rose: Everyone in my house being healthy for 10 days!!!

Now for the craptacular

Thorn: My lawn looks like the rain forest. We've paid a lawn service for 2 months and the weeds are still invading.

Thorn: Pollen. It is green. My car is white. My nose was normal now it's not.

Thorn: Nagging my husband about taking his new meds. Trying to be less (s)mother like.

Thorn: My DVR erased The Vampire Diaries!! I need some Damon stat.

Anyone else feeling rosy??

Monday, April 11, 2011

The STROKE of midnight

The past two weeks I keep thinking about one line from Disney’s Cinderella. At the stroke of midnight all will be broken. Albeit Cinderella, it makes sense for this moment in time. Ironically fitting at one point things are just a dream and the next they are shattered. 15 days ago Chris was rushed via ambulance to the ER with stroke symptoms. 10 days after that my dear husband was experiencing the same phenomena. He lost function of his body, forgot me, forgot our son, lost speech, and was a shell of himself. Hours passed and Chris slowly came back to life. His memories getting stronger. His body becoming less stricken by numbness. The whole incident was washed away by my husband’s normal humor. What happened? What went wrong? Doctors ran test after test. . Chris suffers from complicated migraines that mimic stroke symptoms. It can and will happen again. We know there was no evidence of brain loss . Chris is now taking a medicine the helps with seizure disorders as well as the prevention of migraines. We are waiting to see a specialist at either Johns Hopkins or UVA. 15 days ago my life was dull. My life was seemingly happy with bumps (a fat day, no shopping, a fight about the dishwasher). In an instant an entire life just flashed before my eyes. More children, a future, our son, my husband’s condition, and me as caretaker. If Chris did have a stroke would Whit ever know him? What would I do? How would I provide enough love and time? Could I be someone’s partner? Such cruel questions to reflect on but, they all crossed my mind. In answering each of these questions the only answer I knew to say was “for better or worse”. This is the worst. This is my husband. This is my life. I couldn’t leave or escape. My only known now and then is THIS is what marriage is. Not the white dress, joint checking, or a sweet baby but, two people forged together out of love. Frankly, I don’t know where things stand. I know for the moment Chris has remained symptom free for 6 days. I feel out of control. My eyes can burst into tears at any moment. Whit is holding me together. I just want health for my family. We go day to day. Now I try and look at each day. Embrace my son and my husband because it can all literally go away in one clock stroke.

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