Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Grandmothers House We Went

A bomb pop is a vital part of any food pyramid.

We made it back from Boston is one piece. Whit flew like a business class pro. When we landed on the ground a small riot due to the extreme cuteness.

Grammy and Grandpa battled for 5 days but, sadly Grandpa may have one this battle. Grammy is already plotting her rematch. Despite these two forces Aunt Shan also made a strong campaign and could be a write in winner! All and all it was great to be with family.

The only craptastic part of the trip is Whit was sick. Boyfriend had strep, ear infection, and thrush ( thank you to mother of sick child who decided to send their germs the week before our mini vaca. i hope to repay you with a muffin basket full of chicken pox.) I give Whit some major props for remaining happy despite such major issues.

Things were kept pretty low key. No big ventures to the city or cape. Chris and I had a mini date out. Took Whit to a local zoo and were attacked by mini goats.

Happy to be home and feeling better.


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