Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lucky 7

Whit is 7 months today. I am in shock that my baby is slowly becoming a boy. I am determined to find Rick Moranis and have him shrink my kiddo forever!

Current Whitisms include:
He can give a big wet kiss, high five, and a sorta kinda almost there hug

He can sit by himself and gets down into a crawling position.

Chris swears he hears him say dada. I swear he is crazy because Whit would only say mama.

He likes to babble to anyone but, mostly Baxter cat.

At the babysitter each morning he gets a thrill out of the little kids playing.

Whit is wearing a size 12 months. Obviously, meals are important.

He can stand and hold onto something or someone. Not pulling up yet but, trying. Better at banging head into things while attempting.

Whit loves Baxter cat and hates Gretchen cat. The feeling is mutual with Gretchen.

Little dude has two chompers and is in the process of cutting his third.

Loves his walker and has just started stepping forward.

His favorite toy is our phone. When he is fussy I’ll call anyone to have them talk. This instantly calms him down.

You mean he can’t wear tights?

Roll Tide

During pregnancy I dreamed of little girl things. Bows, tights, dresses, etc. SURPRISE we had a boy and poof all those dresses went adios! I am constantly challenged by boy clothes. Shorts, pants, tops and sometimes a fun or not so fun graphic. Who dresses a baby with skulls??? Seriously! Whit can’t wear sweets with trucks everyday! Boyfriend needs some options up in his closet.

In my quest for cuteness I stumbled upon Pennington & Bailes. My husband works in, loves, and breathes college sports. It was only logical to have Whit sport some of daddy’s team fav’s. I couldn't be more thrilled with this brand. Not only does Whit look preppy chic but, I can avoid those stupid JonJons for something more boyish. Who likes a JonJon anyways? Any other good options for chic boy clothes?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Call me Carrie

My Monday is made! The Glamerous Newlywed has totally jazzed up my work wardrobe. Totally freaking out like Justin Bieber is next to me! Check out her blog / selections!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

6 deep

While I was still good and knocked up A co-worker gave me parenting advice, "Survive the first 6 months." At first I thought it sounded so cruel. Survive? What is that supposed to mean? Of course I'll survive with my perfect, wonderful, non-crying new baby! Everyday would be a journey and blessing. Now looking back on the first 6 months of motherhood the awkward statement rings true.
I'm a survivor of sleepless nights, colds, that blue nose booger thingy, swaddle blankets, teething gels, exploding diapers and a variety of other motherly tasks. There are days when I feel pretty clueless and don't have a faintest idea of what I am doing (I.E. googling forums about cat bites and constipation associated with bananas) . I don't have this parenting business down but, I have indeed survived.
Please insert cheesy Destiny's Child music now.

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