Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Ole' Jet airliner

Ready for take off????

I hope I registered for a baby parachute cause Whitter is going on his first plane. Our family is flying to MA to see Grammy, Grandpa TK, and Auntie Shan. Needless to say everyone in the southern fraction of Club Kilcoyne is pumped for our big adventure. Despite our excitement I can't help wondering what fun awaits us at TSA.

Will Whit be felt up? Does he have to take his shoes off at security? Am I ready to embrace being "those" parents in the airport? Right now my fingers are crossed for pity. Pity from folks that see us with our super cute kiddo. They'll say things like, "Go on the plane first" and "Please cut in line everywhere." Actually I'm pretty positive that peeps will be giving us a hardcore case of the stank eye! Got a hunch we're going to be THOSE dreaded people.

I've come to terms with the fact that we are going to look like a 3 ring circus. Chris will be the sherpa and I will act as security for child and valuables like goldfish crackers. Think I've got my basics covered like a Maclaren, car seat carrier, baby bags, carry on, and enough puff's to bust the 50lb checked bag fee.

Wish us luck and pray Whit's third word isn't something like boom or bomb.

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