Thursday, May 5, 2011

Low Cal Mental State

My eyeballs hurt. Pain like I cried alligator tears or have been on an all night bender! I am assuming the root cause of my puffy sockets are not from the royal wedding rather instead from carrying toxic crap around. I’m really good at hauling about every last detail. Seriously, who remembers if someone forgot to buy milk (twice and husband) 2 months ago!?!

Actually, I’ve got it pretty good. My husband likes me, I like my husband back, my kid is functioning / awesome, work ain’t that shabby, a few close gal pals…doesn’t seem that bad. Why can’t I focus on all of that? Instead I get my hairs split over drama! It is hard when said drama is about family and not The Young and The Restless hence, I digress. My attempts are to get past all the poo and on to the new rhyming is fun.

I’ve listed a lot of my “issues”. Some are public while others are private. A list doesn’t accomplish much but, man it felt good to see on paper. Some stuff amazed me aka I can cite things from 2001 and 2005 that still tick me off! I.E. a failed college lipsync / dance that still makes me cringe or not saving more money from my first grown up job. There are some of the minor details. Obvioulsy ya catch my drift by now.

Everything that has been stuck in my crawl is now exposed. I feel so mentally naked!

Anything on your list??


  1. Yes, and I think it's great to list it out. I sometimes do a "gifts" and "challenges" list so I can balance the bad stuff with the good. I think I've seen you do something of that nature on here, too. It helps!

  2. and i feel like we should all forgive ourselves for any/all lip synchs....its too much wieght to carry and we have all been there :) xo



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