Friday, May 13, 2011

Snap Happy

Rainbows and bunnies to...

snaps and claps to Whit P for sleeping till 5AM last night! No crying, no fighting, and we all woke up happy.

snaps and claps to my paycheck. I love you and miss you. Why do you only come every two weeks?

snaps and claps to a BJ's membership. Applestraws in bulk are worth the price of admission.

snaps and claps to Cracker Barrel corn muffins. I ate 3 of them for dinner last night. I am not embarrassed or ashamed to own it.

snaps and claps to having a niece this week. I hope she understands that I am the best Aunt ever . Mainly because I am the only Aunt she has! Isabella welcome to the block.

Ginger kids and rusty nails to...

boo and hiss for debating the length of shorts. is this length mom? if i bend can you see my chunky post prego thighs? praise be to J.Crew for offering three various lengths that come in prostatot, aging gracefully, and senior center. Obviously I've selected the aging gracefully length.

boo and hiss for medical bills. I knew my husband was crazy kidding! Did we really need the CT and MRI to tell us that?

boo and hiss because my cats refuse to use a scratching post. Our new sectional sofa doesn't need to look like swiss cheese care of Baxter paws! We literally have a tree trunk in our house in the hope to lure the cats away from puff goodness.

Merry Friday and a Happy Weekend.

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